The Université Toulouse 1 Capitole propose a blacklist managed by Fabrice Prigent from many years, to help administrator to regulate Internet use. This database, often used in school, can be used with many commercial or free software.
Be careful : this list should not be seen as a "to be block". It must be seen as a "web categorization" : some categories can be blocked or allowed, depending on your environnement..


Contrat Creative Commons
This creation is available under un Creative Commons Contract.


Many categories are defined, but it's the main one is "pornography".
We are actively working on the adult database, but you can help me with the others one.
I add between 50 and 300 urls per day.
A archive file contain all category : blacklists.tar.gz
adult4537553 Some adult site from erotic to hard pornography.
agressif394 Some aggressive sites.
arjel69 ARJEL which is a french certification authority for gambling sites
associations_religieuses1 religious_association
astrology29 Astrology
audio-video3841 Some audio and video sites.
bank1896 Online bank
bitcoin336 Sites for bitcoin mining
blog1485 Some blogs sites.
celebrity673 Famous people, actors, and magazine which talk about them
chat264 Chat site
child74 Any website allowed to child (less than 10 years old)
cleaning177 Sites to disinfect, update and protect computers.
cooking28 Sites for cooking
cryptojacking16275 Mining site by hijacking
dangerous_material50 Sites which describe how to make bomb and some dangerous material.
dating4261 Dating, matching site for single person
ddos421 DDoS or Stresser Sites
dialer4 Dialer Sites
doh3015 Site which provides DNS over HTTP service
download4033 Sites which propose to download software
drogue1066 Sites relative to drugs.
educational_games11 educational games sites (flash and online games )
examen_pix347 A list reserved exclusively for French students taking the PIX exam. DO NOT USE in other circumstances
fakenews1080 Site which provides fakenews
filehosting938 Websites which host files (pictures, video, ...)
financial472 Sites relative financial information.
forums225 Forums site.
gambling5661 Gambling and games sites, casino, etc.
games35212 games sites (flash and online games )
hacking304 Hacking sites.
jobsearch421 Site to looking for job
lingerie103 Sites for lingerie
liste_bu2904 A french list for educational sites. VERY locally oriented. may help libraries.
malware61351 Any website which deliver malware
manga835 Any website related to manga, and cartoons
marketingware45 Very special marketing sites
mixed_adult155 Websites which contains adult sections unstructured
mobile-phone51 Sites for mobile phone (rings, etc).
phishing61440 Phishing sites (same as malware category)
press4574 Any press (informational) site
publicite4107 Advertisement.
radio540 Internet radio sites
reaffected8 Websites which have been reaffected
redirector131563 Some redirector sites, which are used to circumvent filtering.
remote-control65 site which allow remote control of user s dekstop
residential_proxiesSite which provides residential_proxies
sect145 Sect
sexual_education20 Website which talk about sexual education, and can be misdetected as porn
shopping36860 Any shopping, selling center
shortener433 URLs shortening sites
social_networks703 All social networks sites
sports2332 Sports
stalkerware23 Site which sells spying software for everybody
strict_redirector131291 Same as redirector, but with google, yahoo, and other cache/images search robots.
strong_redirector131291 Same as strict_redirector, but, for google, yahoo, we are only blocking some terms.
translation179 Sites for translation
tricheur73 Sites which are designed to explains cheating on exams.
tricheur_pix84 DO NOT USE. It s a specific blacklist for french exam.
update33 Update sites for software or OS
vpn5669 VPN site
warez1493 Warez sites.
webmail411 Webmail sites (hotmail like...)
These lists contain certainly some mistakes. If you find some, send me a mail : or you can use this interface

How are these lists constituted

2 ways : Database is renewed more or less, twice a week.


This database exists because many contributors help :

malware and marketingware

These bases are based on the work of :

Other database

Some database exist in other countries, but most of them have disappeared. Last ones :

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