This is not the official SquiGuard homepage, but only an happy user's page :
official homepage was It seems out of service. Mirko Lorenz created a mirror here. SquidGuard is a redirector which uses sleepycat's version of Berkeley Database
Its authors are A new patched version of squidGuard 1.2.10, with this REAME is available. This is a compilation of patch from many contributors. I didn't even change a dot. Thanks to Franck Bourdonnec to suggest this packaged version.
The last stable version is 1.2.0.
Here it is the ChangeLog
It needs a recent version of Berkeley Database (> 3.2 but < 4.x)
An ftp directory is available here, in France at : I began a contrib directory here :
It has new interesting features You can find some explanations in other languages here :



SquidGuard and its "competitors"



This part show some personal contributions : scripts, databases and some advice.
  • For Squirm, some patterns
  • To show web usage : a script which describe a VERY APPROXIMATIVE proportion of URL classes (erotic, hacking, mp3, warez) in your cache
  • Come very useful scripts to detect pornographic url in squid log (and more) made by Cedric Foll :
  • Usability of database depends of your users : MIT students are not golden boys who are not children.
  • Some virus-filtering addon exist. They are connected by redirector (squirm or squidguard), and send their files to a virus scanner. Some of them :

Some databases

For all information on database (contributors, size, download method look at this page : Some database exist in other countries, but most of them have disappeared. Last ones :

Related Projects


The original FAQ can be found here An additional FAQ is